French cutlery company Sabre was developed in 1993 by Francis Gelb, the son of a goldsmith who was immersed in tablecraft from a young age. The playful designs dreamed up by Gelb and meant to bring elegance, colour, and fun to the table. The idea, he believed, was to tell a story about the person entertaining. He chose boldness in his designs, choosing to create cutlery with eccentric colours, retro designs, and ultra-modern materials. A Sabre collection brings life to a table. This cutlery brings cheerfulness, fantasy, and audacity to any meal.

Sabre ensures its cutlery is made from the highest quality materials and is a key requirement at every stage of manufacturing. Sabre blades are French made from a stainless steel and carbon alloy, which creates a flawless cutting edge. Plain cutlery handles are crafted from bulk dyed acrylic, ensuring softness, comfort, and outstanding aesthetics. You’ll see the reflection of a goldsmith’s skill in its design.